Things come and go.  If we focus on things as tangible, physical objects they can be souvenirs, toys (small or big boys!), homes, cars, or whatever.  Things can very very transient.  I’ve got fond memories of a bunch of things I’ve seen, had or lost over the years.  From coins to trading cards, to plastic  models, to magazines to albums to CD’s to furniture to cars to homes.   There are some things I’ve had a particular fondness for.  Some of these things can be seen here.   Sometimes these things are collected and displayed by amateurs like me, or curators entrusted to be the temporary custodian of rare and wonderful things.

You be the final judge of what are important or enjoyable things.  You can tell what type of things I find of interest below.

Wally Parks NHRA Museum at the Pomona Fairgrounds is home to some wonderful (and sometimes very loud) things.  I got visit last January and this is what I thought was too cool.

Little boys toys and big boys toys are sometimes the same.

After we lost our 20′ (Crab) Imperial cabin cruiser and the 1998 Kawasaki Jet Ski to the river gods during the Enersto ‘tropical depression’, we picked up a new, smaller, lighter, faster toy.

I’ll be adding more, that’s for sure.

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