Brendan Benson with the Posies – Live 11-17-2010

I went to see the Posies and Brendan Benson at the 9:30 Club on November 17 with my good friend Sean. The Posies opened the show then Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer (The Posies) came out to join Brendan and his regular drummer for Brendan’s set. I recorded the entire Posies set and Brendan’s right up to his encore, where I can ran out of virtual film on my Flip HD.

Brendan’s encore was great (‘Crosseyed’, ‘Feel Like Taking You Home’, and Alex Chilton’s ‘September Gurls’). You can download the audio of the encore here.

It ain’t a perfect video but it was a fun show and you may enjoy watching.   Here is a link to an interview that same day from ‘Brendan Benson’s Unofficial site‘.

Brendan Benson:

The Posies:


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